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Sparring warm-ups

4 important warmups for Sparring

Here I will now introduce 7 important tips for a good sparring warmup that can help you up your sparring game by training your reflexes and techniques. My recommendation would be for you would be to create your own warm-up routine based on these few tips.

Number 1: footwork

Foot work is very important in sparring. Positioning, engaging and defending all require a strong fundamental in your footworks. Being able to move around freely by shuffling, side-stepping will help make your sparring combinations more smooth and also help sharpen your reflexes. However, many people like to work on their footworks on the spot and I think that is a big problem as they would not know what to do in a real sparring situation. I would recommend practicing your footworks in a actual sparring ring os as to get more comfortable moving around. footwork warmups would include; shuffling in 4 directions, sidestepping, 4 directional stepping and consistant bouncing)

Number 2: Combinations

In sparring, it is better to be less predictable and less clockwork. However, bringing in some combination would not hurt. Combinations when practiced enough, will become muscle memmory, so the next time you land a kick you will know what to do immediately instead of wasting the few precious seconds for you to land extra kicks to thinking on the spot.

Number 3: Flexibility

Head kicks in taekwondo are hard to land but when you do, it will put you at an advantage not only from the few extra points that are awarded but also you can use the opponent's hesitation to throw in a few more combination while you are at it. However, head kicks are hard to execute unless you are really close or you are really flexible. Training your flexibility can give ayou a huge advantage against opponents who arent and put you on par with those who are.

Number 4: Light Contact Sparring

Light contact sparringis the best way to test out new combinations, different types of footworks and also guage the reach of the kicks. It will also help you understand the practicality of Taekwondo. allowing you to create more realistic combinations. It will also help you get well acquainted with sparring ring.